Frequently asked Questions and Answers

What are the first five steps in developing a website?

  1. The first step is deciding upon a name. You can’t have a website without a domain name, which should identify your business. If you are in Australia it is best to do a business name search on ASIC to see if the business name you would like is already taken or very similar to another.
  2. Once you have decided upon a name you should register the business name with ASIC (in Australia) and once that is processed you can register an Australian Business Number (ABN) which you will then use when registering a domain, especially if choosing or
  3. Get a logo made. Once you have established the name you should hire a graphic designer to create a logo which represents your business.
  4. Look at other websites in your category of business for inspiration. Search for WordPress themes or Joomla themes with your category of business. Eg. “Beauty theme wordpress”
  5. Draw up a mock-up on an A4 piece of paper of what you would like the site to look like once you have looked at more than ten websites. Make note of what features you like of that website and what you don’t like. Most sites have a navigation at the top of the screen and sometimes at the bottom as well. Sit down with one of our staff to create a site tree.

What is a site tree?


A site tree is a representation of the structure of your site. An easy way to create one is to buy some index cards and write down all the sections you think your site needs.


Eg. Home, About Us, Contact, FAQ, Gallery, Shop,  etc and lay them out on the floor. Add cards below or to the side as need be. Then once you are happy draw this on an A4 sheet of paper. If you have a word processing package then you can also use that to draft up a site tree. We are more than happy to guide you through this process. Again, looking at what other sites similar to your category of business does help with this process.

What site would you recommend for buying themes?

We use for most of the themes we purchase for WordPress. They have a good range and reasonable prices, plus the customer support is higher than other sites. If you buy a theme from Themeforest email us the purchase code so that we can deal with the theme designer’s customer service for customisation purposes.  Or we can purchase the theme for you and we will bill you for the theme purchase amount in Australian Dollars.

What company do you recommend for domain registration?

Crazy Domains

We use Crazy Domains and have done so for ten years now.

The prices are very reasonable and there is great technical and customer support.

What eCommerce plugin do you use?

The most popular is WooCommerce for WordPress.

You can see an example of this in our Menu > Shop

What timesheet and invoicing method do you use?

We use Sprout  Timesheet and Invoicing service. There is the option of paying your invoices online or offline.

How can I share files with you?

The easiest way is to use DropBox or Google Drive. You can create a free account with DropBox and Google and create a folder then share that folder with us. We can guide you through the process.


How much do I get if I refer someone to your business?

If you refer business and the new client gives your name as the referring party then you will receive a $25 payment via paypal once the client has paid for their website in full.


We would appreciate it if you could write a testimony once we have finished your website. We are listed on Oneflare. Click this link to be taken to the website so you can add your testimony of our work.

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