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Vanessa, Website Developer and Graphic Artist



About Right-Click Websites and Social Media Services

We are a website design and digital marketing agency located in Cleveland, Redlands Coast in Brisbane South-East Queensland Australia. and provide design and development of websites. We also offer services in graphic design, social media, portrait and product photography. We are also available to freelance in website design and development for advertising agencies and marketing.

We create websites using WordPress with security plugins JetPack and WordFence to keep your website secure. There are thousands of FREE and PAID themes and plugins. We will guide you through the process of selecting a theme and plugins, and for an extra fee ($25/ 30minutes) we will create text content for your website where required.

Our social media services are very popular. We provide a service where we create and update your social media accounts with your content or with custom created content including graphic design where needed. We have had great results for our clients from sponsored posts and promoted content via Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords. You can promote a post on Facebook from $1 a day to reach local Facebook visitors or to target keywords. Contact us today to find out more about our social media strategies.

Right-Click Websites provides online technical support by email and messenger services (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter) as well as video conferencing (Facebook Messenger, Face Time, Skype, Zoom, etc). Where needed we will create step-by-step instructions on how to add or update content, use plugins and other beginner or advanced skill sets via screen recording. This may be via which allows a conference call with screen share functionality in real time OR a simple screen recording uploaded to Youtube set to private and provide you with a link to the video.

We also help businesses create logos and business cards. Cost depends on intricacy but logos start at $35. We also provide graphic design services such as banner creation, flyers, presentations and more.

If you have any questions click the Facebook Messenger icon to message us on Facebook page or click the Contact Us page for our email, phone and social media links.

Thanks for visiting Right-Click Websites and we hope to hear from you soon!